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Salió el número de Agosto de Zabalaza (Sudafrica)


The Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front, or ZACF – Zabalaza meaning ‘struggle’ in isiZulu and isiXhosa – is a specific anarchist political organisation based in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a unitary organisation – or federation of individuals, as opposed to a federation of collectives – whereby membership is on an individual basis, by invitation only. This is because we have seen – through our own experience, as well as that of global anarchism historically – that we can accomplish more as an organisation, and be more effective, when our members share a certain level of theoretical and strategic unity, and collective responsibility. Our activities include study and theoretical development, anarchist agitation and propaganda, and participation within the class struggle.



3 Zabalaza #14 Editorial  by Tina Sizovuka
6 South Africa and the DRC: Has Rhodes passed on the baton? by Shawn Hattingh (ZACF)  
10 Class Rule Must Fall! More Statues, More Working Class by Leroy Maisiri  
12 For How Long can South African Elites Keep Misleading the People? by Philip Nyalungu  
14 SPEECH: Working Class Struggle, Blazing a Path to Freedom by Lucien van der Walt  
16 The General Approach of Anarchists/Syndicalists to the United Front and NUMSA
by Jakes Factoria and Tina Sizovuka
20 In the Rubble of US Imperialism: The PKK, YPG and the Islamic State by Shawn Hattingh (ZACF)  
23 The State of Climate Change by Bongani Maponyane (ZACF)  
25 Building a Mass Anarchist Movement: The Example of Spain’s CNT by Thabang Sefala and Lucien van der Walt  
26 Imperial Wars, Imperialism and the Losers: A Critique of Certain ‘Labour Aristocracy’ Theories
by Lucien van der Walt  
Black Stars of Anarchism
29 Domingos Passos: The Brazilian Bakunin by Renato Ramos and Alexandre Samis  
Book Review
31 REVIEW: Spanish Revolution Remembered: Peirats’ “The CNT in the Spanish Revolution” by Jakes Factoria  
33 The Anarchist Road to Revolution by Bongani Maponyane (ZACF)  
34 Putting Politics into Practice: The Importance of Democracy and Education in Unions by Pitso Mompe (ZACF)  
36 Anarchism and Counter-Culture: The Centrality of Ideas by Warren McGregor (ZACF)
39 What does the ZACF stand for?

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